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To get your access codes to the Information on Demand system, you can directly apply for it with your Traffic coordinator in Grupo Galvan or to with the following information:

  • Name of your company
  • Your name and email address where you want to receive the information
  • Office of Grupo Galvan with which you normally carry out operations
  • Your request for access codes for online services


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Information on Demand

Nowadays the visibility of your operations is an important factor for decision-making in the management of your goods, knowing accurately and in real time, every event that takes place starting with the receipt of documents to the delivery of the expense account, the arrival of vessel, prior revision, documentation, validation and payment of the pedimento, as well as clearance, release and delivery of goods, requires an efficient service and an online dynamic and versatile system that will allow you to know the status of your merchandise in an accurate and quick way.

For this purpose, Grupo Galvan offers its customers an online inquiry system Information on Demand (information on request) better known as iON system.

iON is a web system developed to keep a logistical control of the import and export operations in all the ports covered by Grupo Galvan; iON is a support tool that will allow you to search, view and generate information of the status of your cargo, by different ports and in different formats, whenever you need it, and from any place through a computer with Internet access.

Use the following link to log into the system Information on Demand.



The iON system information is produced directly from our databases so there is no need to reprocess it to make the inquiries, it is updated in real time and therefore you will always have the information of where your cargo is for correct decision-making.


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The following list contains some of the most important features of this service for our customers:

  • Customs Traffic Report. Report that lists the goods that are pending clearance and in what part of our process are they at every moment
  • Crossed Traffic Report. Report that shows which goods have been released for delivery with their respective tariff classification and the result of the random system.
  • General Traffic Report. Report that allows to know which operations are awaiting clearance, as well as those cleared and are waiting for the processing of the expense account
  • File Classification. Report that allows us to know the waybills, invoices, HTS codes, taxes and total shipments contributions.
  • Reports tailored to customers' needs. Our customers have different needs for information, so we add reports to the system according to their own information requirements.
  • Report Production. Reports are generated by a specific range of inquiries compatible with exchange formats (xls, csv, txt) and sent directly to your e-mail.
  • Interface search. The system has a search interface for locating your goods by 'pedimento', 'order', 'AWB', 'ship id' and several other criteria, so that you will always find the information you need about your goods.


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  • Time and Information availability. The iON inquiry system works 24x7 365 days a year, from any computer with Internet access.
  • Information in multiple formats. It generates information that is compatible with most common exchange formats (xls, csv y txt)
  • Online information. The information is direct from our databases, so you always have the information at the time that it is happening.

  • Development of new features and enhancements. iON system is constantly updated so that you will always find improvements and new reports at your disposal.
  • It simplifies processes and increases productivity. iON allows the information it produces to be compatible with your applications, which reduces the recapturing of data for our customers.


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Interaction with PROCEDA

The PROCEDA system (Data Processing) is a tool for searching pedimentos validated by Grupo Galvan and of its other Customs Brokers from the Manzanillo, Veracruz and Lazaro Cardenas ports, through our iON system you can review the information generated through this system.


Information exchange

If you require information input for your inventory systems such as SAP and others, Grupo Galvan has a team of developers to give the exact solution to your requirements, through flat files in CSV, TXT, XLS, XML, etc. formats. We have deliveries in real time EDI format via FTP that adapt to your needs for electronic exchange, we only require the layout that is used to feed your systems and we develop the most appropriate communication interface for your systems.


Quality Response

Our import and export process is certified in ISO 9001, so you can be sure that the information that you are receiving through our inquiry system, contains the necessary validation criteria to ensure that the electronic data exchange works tailored to your needs.


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last update Juanary 1, 2010